Top 10 Reasons to Support SRVS

10) In this area, there are an estimated 105,000 people with disabilities. the US estimates 1/4 of households have a member with special needs.

9) SRVS is the ONLY organization in West Tennessee to support people with disabilities from birth to end of life.

8) SRVS is Tennessee's largest provider of supports for people with disabilities, now serving over 1,600 individuals and their families.

7) The cost to raise a child in the US is estimated to be $245,340. For a child with autism, it is $1.4 million; with multiple disabilities, it is $2.3 million.

6) For 55 years, SRVS has been in the forefront, leading the was as support for people with disabilities has evolved from institutions to sheltered workshops, now to community engagement and inclusion.

5) SRVS continues to earn National, State, and local recognition including State Agency of Distinction and National Best Practices for Community Employment.

4) SRVs is Tennessee's largest Community Employment Service; SRVS kids and Families has an inclusive pre-school and programs that provide early intervention.

3) From school age to elderly, SRVS offers a continuum of supports with an early emphasis on independence-skills training.

2) SRVS must raise $1 million yearly to cover unfunded mandates. Gifts from private sector allow SRVS' positive legacy to continue.


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