Registration is held at Independent Presbyterian Church from 7:30am-8:45am on race day. The 5k race begins at 9:00am.

A scenic route around the's a great route for beginners or race pros!


A USATF Certified Course

START-Located at Avon & Normandy, the nail/washer is in line with the south edge of pavement of Normandy to the east. It is 10' north of the brick mailbox of 91 S Avon.

MILE 1-Located at 262 N Perkins, the nail/washer is near the north edge of the drive to the Evangel Baptist Church.

MILE 2-Located at the northwest corner of Elwood & Mendenhall, in front of 453 N Mendenhall.

MILE 3-Located in front of St. Agnes at 4815 Walnut Grove. The nail/washer is 20' east of the east edge of the circle drive exit, in front of the school's white iron sign.

FINISH-At the south edge of the white painted crosswalk on Avon approx. 150' north of Walnut Grove.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The runners start southbound on Avon and proceed unrestricted past the finish to Walnut Grove where they turn right (west) and run in the curb lanes with traffic to Perkins where they turn right (north) and run in the curb lane with traffic passing Mile 1 to Princeton where they turn right (east). Cones should be placed on the centerline so that runners can proceed with traffic in the south half of the street to Mendenhall where they turn right (south) and pass Mile 2 to Walnut Grove where they turn right (west) and run with traffic in the curb lane and passing Mile 3 to Avon where they turn right (north) to the finish.


Parking will be available at Independent Presbyterian Church and St. Agnes Academy-St. Dominic School.